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FF консалтинг и поддержка FF консалтинг и поддержка
Управление продуктом Управление продуктом

Registration on a "turnkey basis"

  • Registration of dietary SUPPLEMENTS
  • Registration of MEDICAL DEVICES
  • Registration of COSMETICS
  • Registration of dietary / sport etc FOODS

Pharmacy & Commercial promotion

  • The creation of a commercial policy 
  • Monitoring the implementation of the priestly policy
  • Conclusion of contracts with as 
  • Maintaining contracts with as 
  • Entering into contracts with DB 
  • Maintenance contracts with DB 
  • Preparation and management of state tenders (under 223-FZ)
  • Preparing a training plan for pharmacies, as and DB 
  • Preparing an advertising plan for pharmacies (E-prica, Winprice, Private rain, etc.) and working with specialists pharmaceutical publications (Pharmvestnik, Novaya Drugstore, Aptekar, Vita, etc. ) - preparing a placement plan, preparing content, and controlling placement
  • Working with marketplaces: Ozon, Beru.ru, Wildberries, etc.
  • Working with online pharmacies: Apteka.ru, Eapteka, Zdravcity, etc.

Customers promotion

  • Preparing an advertising strategy
  • Tender media budgets, layout he media plan
  • Site creation 
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of each conducted RC 
  • Maintaining social networks
  • Conducting research on the Internet (banners, context, search retargeting, reputation marketing / influencers, profile sites, health resources
  • Conducting research in the press (selection of printed publications, preparation of content/articles/modules, and control of placement) 
  • Conducting RC on TV (selection of TV channels, shooting of programs, placement control, post-marketing analysis and report)
  • Outdoor advertising or BTL / event for the end user 
  • Brand PR on TV, in the press, on the Internet (separate direction)

Medical promotion

  • Creating a medical strategy
  • Creating a medical strategy
  • Selecting or providing a medical adviser
  • Search for the OL database
  • Maintaining OL
  • Initiation of writing articles (including preparation of technical specifications for OL)
  • Initiation and conduct of CI (phase 3)
  • Initiation and conduct of post-marketing CI (phase 4)
  • Selection of publications for publishing scientific articles (with a high impact index)
  • Preparation of publications in accordance with the magazine's placement requirements, control of placement
  • Work with international medical libraries (Cochrane, PubMed, etc.)
  • Organization of round tables, conferences (scientific programs)
  • Organization of congresses, conferences (poster program)
  • Cooperation organization with relevant Russian, European and International medical Associations (e.g. national and the European society of cardiology, etc.)
  • The organization and complete preparation of the product for its entry in the all-Russian standards of treatment (accredited by MOH)
  • Preparation of medical media plans (scientific advertising for doctors in specialized publications, the Internet)
  • Organizing and conducting motivational programs for doctors
  • Maintaining medical social networks (DNR, Doctors of the Russian Federation, Eureka, etc.)
  • Separate interaction with radar stations and other reference lists

FF consulting & supporting

  • Selection and creation of a team of managers and medical/ pharm.representatives'
  • Managing the FF team
  • Creating all regulatory / working documentation for FF
  • Goal setting, setting sales plans, and monitoring performance
  • Training special skills of the FF team, conducting assessments
  • Training on FF team products

Product management & marketing

  • Writing strategies and tactics
  • Control/monitoring of strategy and tactics execution
  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Creating a key visual and a brand-book
  • Creating product presentations
  • Creating all types of POS materials (for doctors, pharmacies, end customers) - specify what you need
  • Creating product presentations
  • Development packs/instructions
  • Creating a product book/training dossier
  • Conduct research to clarify the potential of target audience and the exact need of target audience